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Synergy® Special Education (SE) simplifies special education management for school districts and helps ensure that federal and state regulations are met. Synergy SE guides users step-by-step through the entire special education process, from initial referral and evaluation through IEP creation, Medicaid billing and service documentation, and compliance reporting. Synergy SE is part of the fully integrated Synergy Education Platform, with a single centralized database that eliminates duplicate data entry and synchronization issues.

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The smartest end-to-end solution available for special education


Create & Manage Collaborative

IEPs Synergy SE walks IEP teams through the entire IEP process, notifying team members of impending deadlines, validating IEPs, and automatically archiving finalized documents. Team members can work in the same document at the same time without overwriting each other’s input.

Improve Compliance

Synergy SE complies fully with all state and federal special education regulations, evolving to keep pace with changing requirements. Built-in validation audits help ensure that submitted documents are complete and accurate.

Track Services

Mobile access to built-in Medicaid management tools enables providers to record service details anytime and anywhere for tracking and billing.

Automate State Reporting

Synergy SE automatically aggregates and formats the data needed for state reporting, preserving data accuracy and saving significant time for staff.

Improve Outcomes

Structured workflows involve every stakeholder – parents, teachers, district team members, and the student - to ensure that each student receives the best instructional support possible.

Ensure Data Privacy & Security

Synergy SE provides the highest level of data privacy and security to Edupoint customers and their staff, students, and students’ families in compliance with HIPPA and FERPA standards.

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Success in Paramount USD, Los Angeles, CA

Success in Paramount USD, Los Angeles, CA

When California increased its management, data collection, and reporting requirements for special education instruction, Paramount USD struggled at first to comply. Then the district replaced their outdated software systems with Synergy SE, improving IEP management and increasing state reporting accuracy and efficiency.