Learning Management and Assessment Software

Synergy® Learning Management System (LMS) is a robust, one-stop solution that enables teachers to access everything they need for learning and assessment management right from the TeacherVUE® Gradebook. Assignments, student work, online grading, assessments, analytics, curriculum elements, district maps, digital content libraries, classroom management tools, discussions, student demographic data, and more – it’s all within a single login and easy-to-use interface, so teachers can focus on supporting student mastery, not on mastering technology. Plus, as part of the fully-integrated Synergy Education Platform, SIS and LMS data are always in sync, so data only needs to be entered once.

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Empower teachers to optimize instruction

Access to Proven Instructional Resources

LessonVUE® Curriculum Management provides a centralized, standards-aligned curriculum repository for access districtwide, enabling teachers to easily find and use the best resources for every student.

Online Student Assessment & Analytics

Synergy® Assessment gives teachers the ability to easily build and administer standards-based assessments online, with immediate access to assessment analytics.

Real-Time Data for Informed Instruction

TeacherVUE Gradebook features integrated achievement graphs and dashboards, color-coded performance bands for quick identification of at-risk students, and one-click breakout groups to support personalized learning and intervention monitoring.

Digital Content Management

LessonVUE Pages enable the rapid creation of powerful class websites and content libraries. Combine files, links, videos, LTI tools, and more – then organize and share with any group or individual for viewing directly in Synergy.

Parent & Student Engagement Portals

Support parent involvement and boost student accountability with real-time portal access to the information and tools they need, such as grades, assignments, attendance, and course registration.

Communication & Collaboration Streams

Facilitate staff discussion and collaboration with intuitive social-media style communication streams.

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Success in Marana USD, AZ

Success in Marana USD, AZ

With Synergy® SIS, Marana Unified School District dramatically decreased redundant data entry tasks, resulting in significant cost reductions. High teacher buy-in along with increased parent and student engagement resulted in improved education outcomes.